Hacking and idea generation

This week I have been working with the Wiimote, OSCulator and Pure Data.  I’m investigating using Pure Data to read values from the Wiimote.  For my Dissertation, I am interested in building an interactive project, and I am currently investigating what technologies I can utilize.  I have also been using TouchOSC for the iPad with Pure Data.
I found some research which was carried out by Johnny Lee. A former researcher at Carnegie Mellon University. He is now working as a Rapid Evaluator with Google.

I found some of his research online and I found this very interesting. He used the wiimote to create an interactive white board working out at a total cost of $40. He also released his working code for people to download and try out his examples. The white board was a nice idea as he mainly released this for poorer schools to build their own interactive white boards for a fraction of the price.

I was fascinated by another project created by Johnny and this is 3D head tracking.



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